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Playlist 125 : Tinashe, Eyedress, Kanye West, Aaliyah, Saaphyra, etc.

Playlist 125 : Tinashe, Eyedress, Kanye West, Aaliyah, Saaphyra, etc.

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1. Tinashe ft. Buddy – Pasadena
The summer’s comin’ ’round the corner
And now I’m feelin’ like I don’t even know ya
I never lived in California
Now more than ever life is all what you make it
I got a vision of a perfect night

2. Lauer ft. Dena – Make It Say
Feelings they come and go
It’s the energy that stays
All in all I miss you so
You got me feeling in a certain way

3. spill tab – PISTOLWHIP
I hate you too
Laying in the hotel room
But if you cut me loose
I’ll never get to say I fixed you

4. Eyedress – Body Dysmorphia
We’re going out tonight
She’s dressed up looking good
I love her style
We share all our clothes
I really like your nose

5. Kanye West – Jonah

6. Caribou – You can do it

7. Aaliyah – One in a million
Baby, you don’t know what you do to me
Between me and you I feel a chemistry
I won’t let no one
Come and take your place
‘Cause the love you give, it can’t be replaced

8. Tallisker – Désir
Si tu vis
Pour moi
J’irai vivre
Sans toi
Quitte à vivre
Comme ça

9. Vague d’azur – Farinole
Dans l’azur de la mer
Nous nous sommes perdus
Ce moment éphémère
Où nos deux corps dévêtus

10. Saaphyra – Yemma

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