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Playlist 120 : Sabrina Bellaouel, Michel, Seppuku, Jacques, etc.

Playlist 120 : Sabrina Bellaouel, Michel, Seppuku, Jacques, etc.

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1. Sabrina Bellaouel – Float
I see, I see
You tell me nothing is wrong
So why does it feel like I’m ‘lone?

2. Haiyti – comeback
Zu viele Emotions, sorry, wollt nicht ghosten
Ich verlier den Fokus
Der Teufel soll mich hol’n
Ich breche mein Phone

3. Panache! – Paradis

4. Michel – Michel s’égara
On a plusieurs vies mais une seule grande histoire de cœur
Quand l’amour s’enfuit, il n’y a jamais de vainqueur
Si l’on pouvait tout refaire, balayer nos erreurs
On fera semblant qu’on s’aime mais là, c’est mort

5. Okay Kaya – Mother Nature’s Bitch
Please give a warm welcome to
To this current mood

6. Seppuku – The Office

7. ISSAM – Hendrix
F tenue 3endi Neymar, twe7echt Casa by night
Khasser zhar m3a zhaymer, tofolti khyab men Zayn Malik
A mani ya mani, f wedni dima Mami
Ma b9ach 3endi ami, ga3 ma 3reft ga3 chno srali (ach tra)

8. Marty de Lutece, Mazoo – GoodBoy

9. Millionyoung – Less
I keep missing you every day
Still searching through all the ways
We could go back to then
And just relax like when
Everything felt alive
And leave this all behind

10. Jacques – Alcaya

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