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Playlist 133 : Muddy Monk, The Haunted Youth, Lolo Zouaï, First Hate, etc.

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1. Muddy Monk – Soldat Boy
Gauche, droite, plus fort
Mille et une traces sur ton corps
Et cette mélodie qui reste
Tu t’bats plus fort

2. The Haunted Youth – Shadows
I need to get away
I need to get away
From you

3. kelz – Guitar + Peaches
I spend my nights thinking of places far from home
Guitar and peaches
Go well like we did

4. Porridge Radio – The Rip
The back of my head
The back of my hands
I threw it away before it went bad
As good as it looks

5. First Hate – What’s The Matter Boy
What’s the matter, boy?
You’ve got something more
I can tell that you’ve got money, oh
What’s the matter, boy?

6. Rebeka Warrior, Marlène Saldana – La Valise
Merde, merde, merde, je me suis fait piquer ma valise
Fait chier, merde, je viens d’arriver c’est déjà la mouise

7. BabySolo33 – LilWitch
J’ai pris le train, j’ai traversé la ville
Gravi les montagnes, combattu les bitch
J’ai tiré de loin, j’ai pas loupé la cible
Dans mes écouteurs, j’avais mis Britney Spears

8. Lolo Zouaï – Give Me a Kiss
There’s something about me falling apart
That makes it so easy to sleep in your arms
There’s nothing about me and you see a star
Pretty in pink but my head’s in the dark

9. Ta-Ra – LIL BIT
I been smokin’ a lil bit
Yes, I been drinkin’ a lil bit
Been on the bish for a lil bit
Yes, I been sinnin’ a lil bit

10. Zaho de Sagazan – La Déraison

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