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Playlist 138 : Saâda Bonaire, Spice Girls, Blood Orange, Foé, etc.

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1. Lolo Zouaï – pl4g1rl
Are you lonely?
Are you stressed out?
You deserve some fun
Get your headphones
Lock up the bedroom door, log on

2. Saâda Bonaire – Woman
Oh, let’s get it right, don’t hurry
We’re getting it on now, no need to worry
We’ll get it right, don’t worry
We’re getting it on now, no need to hurry
Let’s get it right

3. Spice Girls – Step to me
Why don’t you step to me
Take you for a ride
Step to me
I can tell you don’t know what to do

4. Rochelle Jordan – DANCING ELEPHANTS
Too much talking around
How’d this happen?
Elephant in the room but we’re still dancing
Gave everything to you but you’re not grasping
So let’s keep dancing, so let’s keep dancing

5. Easter – Touch Gloves
The touch gloves she gave me
They won’t touch me
Touch my handy
Touch my fanny

6. Blood Orange, Erika de Casier, Eva Tolkin – Relax and Run
Choose a spark, a feeling, what’s left?
Dry, boring, nothing but dread
Choose a spark and run it to death
Try forget it, keep it, what’s left?

7. The Reds, Pinks and Purples – Don’t Come Home Too Soon
Maybe your mood doesn’t suit me
The cold air cuts right through me
You wonder if you got what you where owed
Everything you thought life could be

8. Foé – Lemonade

9. Antonin Appaix – Flashdance

10. joaqm – HIVERT
À mes yeux l’soleil est vert, dans mon cœur c’est un peu sec
Comme mon petit pays, l’Cap-Vert, j’surveille le ciel, j’attends l’averse
Quand elle vient, j’écris un verset
Dans l’miroir, tout est inversé

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