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Playlist 115 : Lous & The Yakuza, Romy, Giirls, Ben Mazué, etc.

Playlist 115 : Lous & The Yakuza, Romy, Giirls, Ben Mazué, etc.

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1. Romy – Lifetime
And if you’re ever lonely
If you can’t find the way
If this world comes to an end
I wanna be there with you

2. Priya Ragu – Good love 2.0
Good love Boy you got me caught in this good love
I really believe that with you, we could, take off, to the, end of, the world Really really found that good love

3. Lous & The Yakuza – Amigo
On m’a dit que ça va, que tout est à l’endroit
Attention à la tête, faut pas devenir bête
C’est un match nul, et j’n’ai pas de recul
Le futur a des yeux, sauve qui peu

4. Sad Night Dynamite – Killshot
I could get a kill-shot running
But you might not love it
Run to the cops no telling
But your heads still buzzing

5. For Those I Love – I Have a Love
Do you mind if I talk to you for a minute?
You see these fellows out here?
See, they’re afraid of doing that long term thing
They figure as soon as they lock hearts with another,
Something better is gonna come along

6. Giirls – Control

7. Mormor – Don’t Cry
If I ever told you why
Losing is a safe high
Falling from a new height
Wasting by the wayside

8. Porches – I Miss That
I bury my face in the neck of my friend
I got it in my head just thinking
I like that I like that I like that
I miss that I miss that I miss that

9. Kurt Vile – Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
What in the world has come over you?
What in heaven’s name have you done?
You’ve broken the speed of the sound of loneliness
You’re out there running just to be on the run

10. Ben Mazué – Quand je marche
Stop ça y est, j’arrête de penser
J’vais courir, j’vais marcher
Stop, allez, j’arrête de me presser
J’vais courir, j’vais marcher, j’vais sourire

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